Why Partner With Choice?

There is a reason why Choice Funding has been in business for nearly a decade and serves thousands of clients in both mainstream and niche industries across the globe, including those in the high risk space. Our winning team has years of experience in the merchant processing and funding industries.

Compared to Choice Funding, no other merchant provider offers a more comprehensive suite of high risk processing services, with more competitive pricing and industry leading customer support. Whether you have high risk, low risk, domestic or international merchants, we can help!

Interested in becoming a partner? Read the descriptions below to find out which partnership is right for you, or simply fill out our form to be contacted by one of our team members for more information.

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What Is An Agent?

Agents work independently of the Choice organization. This means that they contact merchants on their own behalf and later submit the necessary paperwork to us for underwriting. An agent is responsible for providing Choice with a full application. This includes the application itself, supporting documents and will also be responsible for any follow up regarding other documentation.

Choice will not reach out to the agent’s merchant regarding any portion of the underwriting process or any other needs. We will rely on the agent to provide full documentation. Because of this, the agent is entitled to a higher split (rate of commission) than a referral partner.

Being an agent is perfect for those who may have previous processing experience or their own processing business.

What Is A Referral Partner?

Referral partners do not have as much responsibility as an agent. For example, a full application is not necessary to earn residual income. Referral partners can submit qualified leads, that include the merchant’s business name, first and last name of the owner, a phone number and/or an email address.

With this information, one of our agents will reach out to the merchant regarding their processing. If the merchant submits a full application and is approved, the referral partner will be granted residuals, however they will be a lower split than that of an agent.

Being a referral partner is great for those who have contacts that may need processing, but don’t necessarily have the time to collect a full application and all supporting documents.

Our Unique Offers

Our Agents Receive:

  • Live reporting
  • Competitive splits
  • Timely payout schedules
  • Full CRM access
  • White labeled online application
  • Access to domestic and international banks

Offer The Best:

  • 99% approvals
  • Domestic processing
  • International processing
  • No app, annual or setup fees!
  • Integrates with any gateway
  • 24/7 customer services
  • Next day funding!