There is a reason why Choice Funding has been in business for nearly a decade and serves thousands of clients in both mainstream and niche industries across the globe, including those in the high risk space. Our winning team has years of experience in the merchant processing and funding industries.

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Referral partners do not have as much responsibility as an agent. For example, a full application is not necessary to earn residual income. Referral partners can submit qualified leads, that include the merchant’s business name, first and last name of the owner, a phone number and/or an email address.

With this information, one of our agents will reach out to the merchant regarding their processing. If the merchant submits a full application and is approved, the referral partner will be granted residuals, however they will be a lower split than that of an agent.

Being a referral partner is great for those who have contacts that may need processing, but don’t necessarily have the time to collect a full application and all supporting documents.


Choice will pay 20% of ongoing monthly residuals for all accounts referred.
Choice offers larger percentage splits at specific volume milestones.
 Choice starts paying referrals once monthly residual payments total at least $50/month.
 Choice requires at least 2 referred accounts per quarter.
 All merchant pricing is set/negotiated by Choice.
 Residuals are paid monthly, and are paid for processing volumes two months in arrears.


Low-risk merchants typically accept cards in-person, have lower average transaction sizes, operate in “low-chargeback” industries, and have an established history of credit card acceptance.

We work best with:

  • Small- and mid-size Retail establishments selling physical goods and services, such as clothing shops, salons, spas, auto-services, markets, books, furniture, and other common consumer items.

  • Restaurants and Quick-Service merchants such as sit-down restaurants, juice bars, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, clubs, sandwich shops, etc.

  • Online businesses selling retail goods and Business to Business goods. Online merchants selling physical products without custom orders or long future-delivery are best.

  • Business to Business merchants processing large, keyed transactions or who need level 2/3 processing.

  • Healthcare merchants such as doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, veterinarians and any other medical fields that take both in-person and virtual payments.


Choice does represent certain merchants based on their high-risk nature (Poor credit, Industry type, Chargeback ratio or recent spike in chargebacks, Offshore processing, Being declined previously for a merchant account).  These industries include, but are not limited to:

 Airlines & Private Jets

 Business Opportunities

 Costume Jewelry

 Credit Repair

 Debt Collections

 Document Preparation

 Drop Shipping

 E-Cigarette & Vape


 Education Online

 Tech Support


 Timeshare Litigation

 Travel & Tour Guide

 Vacation Home Rental


 Weight Loss


Is this an Agent/ISO program?


Here at Choice, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for our model. We have found that having full control of the sales cycle allows us to best serve our merchants, so they stay happy for the life of the relationship. As such, we require full control of the sales cycle – so we do not allow people to represent Choice as “feet on the street” agents. We only work on a referral basis.

Can I get Choice business cards to distribute?


Choice has worked very hard to build our culture and our brand – and it takes a lot of work! We are committed to treating our merchants and potential customers with the respect they deserve, and with the values that we live by. As you can imagine, that’s hard to train. We want to make sure that anyone that represents Choice is qualified to do so. As such, our Referral Program is designed to ensure that you simply introduce a merchant to us, and don’t act as a representative of Choice.

Can I negotiate equipment pricing, or recommend rates?


Choice’s rates and equipment pricing are offered solely at the discretion of Choice’s internal team. We do not allow referral partners to offer special pricing or discounted rates.

What happens if I don’t meet the 2 accounts per quarter minimum?

Choice has the right to re-claim the residual stream.

We’ve setup our referral program with the 2 accounts/quarter minimum to both encourage usage and keep internal costs down. Small/inactive referral partners waste valuable resources for a small firm like ours. We’ll be flexible during the first 12 months to ensure that you have time to ramp up. But, if you sign up and only end up sending a few accounts our way, Choice has the right to purchase the residual stream for ten times the value of the last six months’ rolling average payout. So, if after a year your accumulated residuals had only reached $20/month on average and we’d never paid you out, then we’d owe you 10 x $20, or $200 if we decided to re-claim your residual stream.

Do I receive payments for equipment purchases?


Referral Partners are paid on processing residuals only. We do not offer revenue sharing on equipment purchases, gateway fees, or any other ancillary services we may provide.