Choice Funding (& Merchant Processing)
is dedicated to your success with the most
comprehensive Agent and ISO program
in the payments industry.

Whether you’re a multi-year veteran or new to the payments industry, we offer a program tailored to your experience and requirements. We provide everything you need to learn the industry and build your business.

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We make sure you have a compensation plan designed to fit your needs and financial objectives. You’ll receive:

Lifetime Residuals

Aggressive Splits

Performance Bonuses

Monthly Residuals


Just Starting Out or A Veteran Of The Industry, We Are Here To Support

Branded Full Service CRM With Agent Hierarchy

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Life Time Residuals

Residual Payments On The 15th For Prior Month

Up To 80/20 Splits Retail

Up To 60/40 Splits High Risk

Access To Board On Our EU Payment Facilitator Platform

Cash Discount Programs

Auto Approval

Same Day High Risk Approval

24 – 72 Hour International Approval

Access To Our Internal Gateway w/ ZERO Cost

Free EMV Equipment Programs

Free POS Programs


Assisting Your Company In Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Card Brand Sponsorship

Custom Branded Merchant Statements

Access To Work With Our Underwriters Directly

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Branded Full Service CRM With Agent Hierarchy

Life Time Residuals

Residual Payments On The 15th For Prior Month

Up To 90/10 Splits Retail

Up To 75/25 Splits High Risk

Access To Board On Our EU Payment Facilitator Platform

Cash Discount Programs

Auto Approval

Same Day High Risk Approval

24 – 72 Hour International Approval

Access To Our Internal Gateway w/ ZERO Cost

Ability To White Label


You will have access to a suite of business management tools anywhere, anytime.

Our system allows you to:

Submit applications online with any device.
Access all agent resources and updates via our online agent portal.
Compare different pricing structures using our online cost comparison tool.
Manage your portfolio with our online reporting tool.

And much more!

View the below video for more information on our online portal:

“One of Choice’s strengths is the back-office structure. I’m able to stay focused on selling and know that once I hand it off to the Choice team, it’s in safe hands – that’s phenomenal. I couldn’t do what I do without that team.”

Richard W., Agent in the Southeast

“Hands down one of the best decisions I made for my business was becoming an Agent with Choice. Their customer service has always been around when I needed support or a question answered. So far, the merchants I have signed under them have had no issues processing.”

Jasmine T., Agent in the Midwest

“Any time I have ever had a question, my relations manager has responded promptly and thoroughly. The support provided has increased my knowledge of the industry as well as my revenue. The back end software provided by Choice has made accessing my merchant information as well as submitting applications easy and quick, always keeping me in the loop.”

Rebecca B., Agent in the Northeast

“I have been in the business for over 15 years and by far Choice has been the best company I have partnered with. They have provided excellent customer service to both myself and my merchants.”

Mack T., Agent in the West


From reading statements to sales pitches to general industry information, we teach you everything you need to know about selling our merchant services including the latest payment technologies. Training includes:

  • Sales tips and strategy.
  • Pricing and quoting essentials.
  • Selling new payment technologies.
  • Expanding your portfolio of offerings with value-added services.


Our agent support team is your personal resource for questions and general information.

From cost comparisons to applications, we’re here to guide you, and ensure that you have the tools and resources you need.

In-House Agent And Merchant Support Teams

Pricing Analysis Team

In-House Underwriting And Risk Management

24/7/365 Support


You’ll have access to some of the most innovative and affordable point of sale solutions available today through our POS Marketplace.

You’ll be able to:

  • Gain new opportunities and expand your portfolio.
  • Sign higher quality and larger volume merchants.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with a broader portfolio of offerings.


We offer a competitive suite of the innovative payment technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve. With our Agent & ISO Program, you can take advantage of:

EMV and NFC Payment Technologies

Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Gift and Loyalty Programs

And More…


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