ACH / Check Processing Account

Better payment solutions catered to your needs. NO Contracts and NO Cancellation fees.

Accept single or recurring ACH payments directly from your customers’ checking account.

Process checks by phone, web or Email!

  •    Transaction Rate
  •    Transaction Fee
  •    Monthly Fee
  •    Annual Fee
  •    Setup Fee
  •    Refundable Deposit
  •    Web-Based Virtual Terminal
  •    Shopping Cart Integration
  •    Secure Merchant Account
  •    Email Receipts
  •    Recurring Billing
  •    Electronic Invoicing
  •    Customer Credit Card Vault


24 Hours
  • 2.99%
  • 25¢
  • $20.00
  • FREE
  • $100.00
  • $150.00
  • Optional: $5
  • Optional: $5

What is ACH Processing?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. It is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH Processing refers to payments that are processed using a customer’s routing and account number. Our ACH payments processing system supports merchants from a variety of industries including high risk merchants. Lightning fast funding time (just 24 hours!) and an automated system that will help you eliminate bounced checks. The system provides you with information about the account holder. Get Started with ACH Payments Today!

Unique Benefits:

  • 24-Hour Funding Time
  • Same-Day Approval
  • High Risk Welcome
  • Recurring Billing
  • Batch Processing & API
  • Detailed Customized Reporting

What Merchants Use ACH Processing?

ACH processing is one of the fastest growing payment processing service in the US. Merchants from a variety of industries find ACH to be more reliable. While auto repair shops, web designers and medical providers are low risk merchants that choose to use ACH, it attracts high risk merchants as well. Collection agencies, tech support companies, travel agencies, membership clubs and other high risk businesses use ACH to grow their business, get paid quickly and increase their revenue.

Concerned as a High Risk Processing Business?

There’s no need to go to the bank to deposit your checks anymore. Our solution accepts business types for low or high-risk industries. So if you are in need if a solution and have limited options this is a great alternative. It offers a same day or next day deposit schedule (depending on your bank), recurring billing and a pay now button you can place on your website. In addition, you can manage your clients on the virtual terminal were you can take payments over the phone or manually.


Apply Today for Your Electronic Checks Merchant Account

When a check is authorized for payment it is instantly verify that a client has enough funds in their account to cover the check. Imagine not having to concern yourself about dealing with bounced checks again! With Choice Funding, accepting electronic checks is as easy and automatic as taking credit cards for your business. As we all know, bank fees can add up on a bounced check and chasing the client to reissue a check can be stressful as well. Through our check service you’ll never accept a bad check again! With Choice Funding you can be assured you will have a safe and secure solution that you can count on. We make choosing a merchant processing provider easier!

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