The Best International Merchant Processing

The acceptance of online payments has led to a global business expansion. Customers can make purchases with outlets on opposite sides of the world within a few seconds. It is now just as easy as going to the corner store – if not easier. Credit cards are now the standard for global monetary exchanges and customers expect to be able to pay everywhere with credit or debit cards.

By combining best in practice solutions for payment gateways, card present and non present and mobile payments across all major brands, our customers get to most efficient pay flow design with high levels of automation. Our competitive costs and settlements in over 180 international currencies make us a unique international merchant processing partner for your business.


Start accepting credit cards today!

Many companies use Choice Funding for their international merchant accounts because:

  • No other merchant processing company offers more competitively priced international processing fees with better customer support.
  • No other merchant processing company has more flexible and tailored solutions for your international business. Whether you sell online or through a virtual terminal, we can help manage your account.
  • No other merchant processing company understands how to accommodate almost every industry type.
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