Ingenico iPP 310


Ingenico iPP 310

The iPP310 PIN pad is part of the next-generation delivering security and transaction speed. This high-performance PIN pad delivers merchants with a full range of payment options including contactless capabilities while still offering customers personal PIN entry. Connected to either the iCT220 or iCT250 countertop this large PIN pad provides greater customer visibility allowing merchants the versatility to meet any environment needs.


Ingenico iPP 310

Highest Security
The iPP310 meets the highest security requirements. PCI-PTS 2.x and 3.x certified, the iPP310 ensures secure data and application management while enabling highly secured transactions for merchants. The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional confidentiality at PIN entry.

All Payment Options
Offering EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe & Contactless payment, the iPP310 also enables new NFC couponing & wallets use cases.

Designed for a Maximized Ease-of-Use
Among the world’s smallest and lightest devices, the iPP310 is designed for easy handling and daily use. Backlit keypad and perfect LCD display readability make PIN entry and all other payment operations very intuitive. Its large keys and powerful buzzer simplify transactions while reducing PIN entry errors. Visual indicators facilitate the contactless payment process for both consumers and merchants.

Easy Connectivity
With its USB connection, the iPP310 is easy to integrate into the iCT2xx Series. Very compact, the iPP310 is easy to connect or disconnect thanks to its single cable.

Telium 2
Powered by Ingenico, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years’ experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium 2 is the world’s best platform to provide payment services. It provides a fully scalable, reliable operating system embedded into the 22 million terminals deployed worldwide.